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Happy New Year!

January 01, 2015 IN: Ramblings + Reading

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015


So I was surprised to find I have the day off and so I decided to do a little pinning on Pintrest! I stumbled upon a very interesting thing when I arrived, Happy New Year 2015. This year I decided that I would not set any resolutions, as like so many others I never seem to follow through with them. But goals and challenges are another story. I have decided to challenge myself to the following:


1. Read More

Some of you may know I am an avid reader so first up is a reading challenge, 2015 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge. I’ll be reading 1 book a month (or 1 book for the challenge as I usually read at least 1 book a week) each with a different motif, check the link above for more details. I will also be tackling the 2015 Monthly Key Word Challenge for this one I will choose books who’s title contains a key word from the monthly list. Both of these challenges are hosted by Bookmark to Blog. Check it out for more reading challenges.


2. Save Money

As for saving money I will continue saving $100 a month in addition to my 401K from my paychecks. Once I get the 3 month emergency bill money saved I will start contributing to the Roth IRA I plan to open when my current IRA matures in February. Not sure what type of investing I will do in the IRA at this time, just want to build a nest egg for the future.


3. Get Crafty

I will continue to get crafty in 2015, today I start Capture 30, with Heidi Swapp. It should be fun and I can’t wait until I get the planner it looks so pretty!! I will also do the NW Paperchase again this year. It was so much fun last year, can’t wait until March! Let’s not forget Simon Says Stamp Monday and Wednesday Challenges. This year I want to do at least one of each per month.


4. Blog More

Another challenge will be this very blog. I want at least 1 new post per week, so 4 posts per month and 48 posts in 2015! This will not include the posts I publish for the card or book challenges. These will be photos from my New England Leaf Peeping trip I took in the fall of 2013; and travel tips and updated on my planning for the Italy trip that is coming up in April.


5. Improve my Photography Skills

I’m not much of a fan of the daily photo challenges, having to take a picture everyday for 365 days is just too much. So I will adopt on to be a monthly challenge so instead of taking a photo a day I will tackle a new photo theme each month I will go out at least once each month to capture that months theme. I found one that is a different color each month. That seems a bit simple so I want to come up with a different approach. I will also be working on a new work flow for the pictures I take. I seem to take the photos, convert the RAW files to DNG files so I can work with them in Photoshop and Camera RAW but never get around to converting them. So my goal in this is to edit the pictures I have taken (New England for starters) and output them in some way, either post online, print and scrap, or make a photo book or large prints to frame… The point is to take pictures, edit, backup, print and/or publish.


Other challenges for this year? Honestly I don’t really do well on eating or fitness challenges so I’ll skip those this year.

Wish me luck!

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