"In sight of the huge world put mad ideas into me, as if I could wander away, wander forever, see strange and beautiful things, one after the other."
— C.S. Lewis

Travel Photos: Challenge Yourself

June 15, 2015 IN: Photography + Travel

23 Days in Italy 2015

When it comes to travel photos its fun and rewarding to challenge yourself. When traveling the thing I love to do most is to use my camera to capture the world around me.  But I don’t just want pictures of me in front of this or that monument, saying been there, done that, moving on to the next big sight to see.  So what’s a girl to do… Photo Challenges!


Travel Photos: The Crayloa Houses - Burano, Italy

Capture an iconic or idealic setting. The Crayloa Houses – Burano, Italy

“What is a photo challenge?”

It’s simple, when planning a trip I also plan what photo’s I want to take and challenge myself to take picture that capture the feel of the place I’m visiting.  When I research a place to go I think of things, places, people, ideas that come to mind with I think of  that place that make it unique from any another. With Italy in mind I came up with; art & architecture, canals & gondolas, churches & nuns, she-wolf statues, coastlines, rolling hills, vineyards, wild cats, crooked lanes & cobbled streets, hill towns & quaint villages, food & wine, Vespas and motor bikes, romance and kissing couples, and much, much more.


Travel Photos: Gondola Driver on Cellphone

Quirky Subjects: Gondola Driver on cellphone, only in Venice!

I go online and search for images for my inspirations, see what other people capture with their cameras when visiting Italy (or where ever you are going), then I narrow it down to locations I will visit. I look for viewpoints in each city and consider the best time of day to photograph each challenge subject. Then make a list of photo opportunities and set my photo challenges.  For Venice I came up with the following: calm and bustling canals, back alleys,  gondolas (and gondola drivers on cell phones), market days,  crayola houses, sunrise and sunset on the lagoon,  and decaying elegance.


Travel Photos: Sunset on the Lagoon, Venice, Italy

Timing is everything, be in the right place at the right time. Sunset on the Lagoon, Venice, Italy

The idea is to come back with photos that tell a story, spark a memory and take you back to the time and place you captured it. I find when I do not set clear goals and challenges to find the perfect shot I take more picture but pictures with less meaning, less impact. So I challenge you to take the time to plan not only your travels but also your travel photos. Click Venice, Italy a Magical Place for more from my trip to Venice.


Photo challenges are on just for vacations. Try using them in your everyday photography as well. You can get inspired by a color, a letter, a shape, a subject (your kid or cat). Just about anything you can think of to challenge you to take better more meaningful photos.  Until next time, what will your set as your next photo challenge? Post your challenges in the comments below, link to your photos, I’d love to see what you come up with.

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