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Venice, Italy a Magical Place

June 15, 2015 IN: Photography + Travel

The Grand Canal Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy a Magical Place


How can I describe Venice? It is at times the best place on earth, at other time the last place I wanted to be. But I think it magical at all times. Weather your cruising along the canals on the vaporetto or getting lost in the back alleyways, Venice is just magical.


St. Mark Winged Lion

The Patron Stain of Venice, St. Mark Winged Lion

Arriving in Venice


When we first arrived in Venice we cruised along the Grand Canal on a vaporetto, the Venice equivalent to a city bus. The Grand Canal is … organized chaos! Boats everywhere, boats of all kinds, going all directions at once. Come to think of it, it is much how the drive in big cities as well.


The Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

Cruising along the Grand Canal in Venice on a Vaporetto



A Tragetto shuttling passengers across the Grand Canal in Venice


The Lagoon


The island of Venice sit in a Lagoon which is home to many islands including Burano and Murano. I had quite an adventure trying to reach Burano to see the Crayola Houses on my first day in Venice. While I did finally arrive it was well past dark when I did and had to go back the following day to get the wonderful images below. But I was fortunate enough to get these wonderful shots of the lagoon at sunset.


Venice Lagoon

Cruising the Lagoon on a Vaporetto

Sunset on the Lagoon, Venice, Italy

Sunset on the Lagoon, Venice, Italy

St. Marks Square


When I mentioned that Venice can be the last place on earth I’d want to be. What I meant was there are times (of the day) where there are just too many people in a small location such as St. Mark’s Square. Of course there are times when it is completely empty and becomes one of magical parts of Venice.


St. Marks Basicallica

St. Marks Basilica

St. Mark's Square at Dawn

St. Mark’s Square at Dawn, a magical time to be in Venice


Rialto Bridge & Market


The Rialto Bridge and Market can also at times have too many people but I don’t think that deters one iota from the charm of them. When standing on the bridge you have wonderful views of the Grand Canal and the Market if full of fresh veggies and fish. But the best time to visit the market is early. Watching Venice to wake up is one of the most magical times to be there.


Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal

Produce Stand in the Rialto Market

Produce Stand in the Rialto Market


Burano and the Crayola House


My favorite times in Venice were when I got away from the crowds and one of the best places to do that is on the island of Burano. A short (or not so short if you get the slow vaporetto)  ride from St. Mark’s Square into the Lagoon and you end up here.


Burano on Laundry Day

The Crayola Houses, Burano on Laundry Day

The Crayola Houses on a quiet Canal

The Crayola Houses on a quiet Canal


Gondolas and Canals


The most quintessential thing about Venice is Gondolas. They are everywhere. When planning my trip I did not think I would actually get on one, they were too cheesy, too expensive and too romantic (this girl travels solo). But my wonderful guides put together a gondola flotilla, that the whole group participated in. I got in the boat with the other single ladies, our driver and the musicians. It was great!


Gondolas in Port

Gondolas in Port. Waiting for Venice to wake

Our Singer

Our Singer a wonderful voice!

Tranquil Canal in Venice, Italy

Tranquil Canal in Venice, Italy

Gondola Driver on Cellphone

Gondola Driver on cellphone, only in Venice!


Venice, Italy is truly a magical place. If you have never  been I highly recommend a few days there. Be sure to stay local on the island and not on the main land. Being able to wander the streets and alley ways with out the bulk of the tourist is a treat not to be missed. Get up early and stay out late! Have you been to Venice? I’d love to see your photos and read of your travels. Leave your link in the comments below. If you want to see my tips for better travel photos check out this post: Travel Photos: Challenge Yourself!  Until next time…Happy Travels


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    Have you been to Venice? I’d love to see your photos and read about your travels. Leave you link below!

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