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Italy Here I Come!

April 01, 2015 IN: Travel

23 Days in Italy 2015

Italy Here I Come!

I am so excited to be going to Italy this spring. In fact I leave in less than 2 weeks! As you all know I love to travel and last time I went to Europe I decided that there was too much I wanted to see in Italy to include it so this time around it’s all Italy baby! I will be taking the Rick Steves’ The Best Italy in 17 Days. I will be tacking on a couple of day pre-tour in Milan and an extra day in Rome followed by 2 in Sorrento and the Almafi Coast.

Why a Tour

Some of you may wonder why I decided to take a tour and not travel solo as I have in the past. Well the truth is I wanted to try something different this time. I chose Rick Steves’ Europe because I like his books and TV shows and feel that if I am going in a group it needs to be small and have a good balance of guided tours and free time. I decided against the single supplement so I will have a room mate (there are 4 of us single women signed up), unless all the others went with the single supplement. But I think it will be fine. The one thing I am worried about is the free time planning. In case you didn’t know I’m a planner. I will plan most of my days down to the hour, if not minute of where I want to be and when; noting how much time I have allotted at each place before I have to move on to the next stop. And this trip is no exception, except I’m not sure what time the group activities are and how long they will last so I have been forced to keep it simple and prioritize which sights are most important to see. Luckily the most important sights will be covered by the tour.

The Best of Italy in 17 Days

The tour itself starts out on Lake Como in the town of Varenna, we we will spend 2 nights here. Next its on to Verona for the day before moving on to the Dolomites and the Alpi di Siusi area (2 nights). Then it’s on the Venice with a stop over in Bolzano to visit Otzi the Iceman. After 2 days of exploring the elegant decay of Venice it’s on to the splendor of Renaissance Florence. It’s time for some R&R on the coast in Italy’s famed Cinque Terre. On the way we’ll stop by Pisa and marvel at the leaning tower. Moving into Tuscany we will visit a hill town before arriving in Siena our home for the next 2 nights. Continuing in Tuscany we will visit Assisi and have a wine tasting before venturing into Umbria and the grand hill town of Orevieto. And last, but not least, it’s Rome and Vatican City.

Documenting The Trip

On my first European Adventure I failed at keeping you up with my travels. The plan was to post to my blog every night of the trip. I think I only did 1 or 2 posts, and I was gone for 24 days. So this time around I decide to Vlog my trip. I will be filming as I go and will post the videos to my YouTube channel and on this blog. I goal is to post every night the unedited footage, so be sure to check back for videos so you too can enjoy the sight of Italy. I also failed at making my memory book in a timely manner, my trip was in 2012 and I have yet to finish it. With that in mind I have already started the memory book for Italy. Check out the video for a quick look.

But Before I Go

I plan to post a few travel tips before I leave. So far I have “TSA Liquid Limits! Go SOLID!” I plan to have a packing post up soon as well (it may contain video – so stay tuned!)

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